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Nano Crystal Emerald

Nano crystal Emerald is a name for a group of new materials for jewelry.

The crystals grown in amorphous substance by high-temperature synthesis at 1500-1750°C.

The chemical composition of these materials is a mixture of oxides including silica, zirconia, alumina, zinc, lithium and magnesium oxides. Nano sized crystals are homogeneously distributed in amorphous matrix.

As a result materials with various physical-chemical properties based on spinel, gahnite, sapphirine and other crystals are formed.

Hardness of the suggested materials is 6.5-7 by Mohs scale,

 Refractive index is 1.5-1.7,

 Density is 2.7-3.2 g/cm3.

nano crystal emerald square

Click on a current catalog button to find out more information for each colour and shape. Sizes range from 1mm to 20mm depending on type, size and shape.

Nano Crystal Emerald Price

Emerald Green Very Dark # 111 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Emerald Green Dark # 112 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Emerald Green Medium # 113 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Emerald Green Light # 114 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Blue Sapphire Dark # 121 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Blue Sapphire Light # 123 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Blue Sapphire Medium # 124 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Blue Spinel Dark # 130 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Tourmaline Dark # 131 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
London Blue Medium # 141 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Swiss Blue Dark # 142 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Swiss Blue Medium # 143 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Sky Blue Medium # 144 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Sky Blue Light # 145 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Peridot Medium # 152 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Garnet Medium # 162 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Citrine Dark # 171 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Citrine Medium # 172 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Citrine light # 173 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano
Pink Medium # 183 NanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNanoNano

All Prices are in US$